How To Keep Your Artwork in Excellent Condition

While many art collectors spend time and money researching a new painting they want to acquire, few use the same effort in protecting & preserving an artwork's condition once purchased.  To the contrary, most art collectors fail to address art conservation until an artwork is in poor condition needing extensive restoration.  Proper care for art can keep the object as beautiful as the day it was purchased.  The following is a brief introduction on how to care for your precious artwork, no matter what medium in which it was created.

New Worthington Galleries’ Facilities

Worthington Galleries is opening a new larger fine art facility in the Metro-Nashville area.  This new larger location will accommodate Worthington's rapidly growing art restoration, art storage, and art transportation departments. 

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Ideal Environment for Art Storage Whether you manage a museum or library that contains a significant collection or own a gallery that showcases the works of an emerging artistic talent,

Worthington offers short and long-term storage solutions for collectors, galleries, museums, auction houses, and institutions.  Our professionals will carefully pack and/or crate art and valuables, transporting them to our secure facilities.

Tax-Free Storage of Art

As the price of art has skyrocketed, perhaps nothing illustrates the art-as-bullion approach to contemporary collecting habits more than the proliferation of warehouses like this one, where masterpieces are increasingly being tucked away by owners more interested in seeing them appreciate than hanging on walls.

Are Free Ports Transparent And Good For Art?

With the rise in the price of art, masterpieces and other exquisite art works are increasingly being stored away in free ports by collectors who are interested in seeing such works appreciate in value rather than filling up wall space to be viewed. As collectors become more financially savvy with art being treated as a capital asset in their portfolios, free ports have effectively become the support for all of this.

Worthington is a full service fine art gallery providing art sales, restoration and storage, as well as auctions, estate sales and art consignment services.