Arthur Elsley

Arthur John Elsley (20 November 1860 – 19 February 1952) was an English painter of the late Victorian and Edwardian periods, famous for his idyllic genre scenes of playful children and their pets. He achieved great popularity during his life and much of his work appeared in calendars, magazines and books.

Sue Weakley

Sue or Susie Weakley was a Nashville artist and illustrator. She studied art at Ward Seminary in Nashville where she was a member of the Studio Circle, and exhibited works at the Parthenon in a 1914 exhibit that also featured works by Cornelius Hankins, Washington Girard and Mayna Treanor Avent. She is also believed to have worked in the fashion industry as an illustrator and had work published in the Southern Women's Journal.

Paul Maxwell

Paul E. Maxwell was a modern artist and sculptor who developed a technique for using stencils to create thickly textured and layered surfaces, as well as objects he patented as “stencil casting” but that later became known as “Maxwell Pochoir.” His work is highly abstract and often consists of some kind of grid—a form that is non-hierarchical and illustrates a major theme of his work.