Model 1814 Deringer Flintlock Rifle

Rare U.S. Model 1814 Deringer (Philadelphia) Flintlock Rifle

U.S. Model 1814 Flintlock Musket | Philadelphia-made Deringer flintlock musket | H. Derringer, Philadelphia, Made 1814-1817

Additional information
  • A scarce U.S. Model 1814 Flintlock Rifle by Deringer, Philadelphia-made | H. Derringer, Philadelphia, Made 1814-1817 | Standard Lock Markings – “US” ABOVE “H . DERINGER” Above “PHILA” | Barrel Markings: “US”, “P” and “F” on Side; H DERINGER – PHILDA” on Flat | .54-Caliber with a 33” Octagonal to Round Barrel, Overall length: 48.75” | Large oval iron patchbox, barrel bands secured by stud-springs; trigger guard with finger ridges and sling swivel, raised cheekpiece, flashpan for this model always mounted at inclined angle. The brass tipped ramrod retains its worm. The stock remains in very good original condition with minor wear to the wood.  Slight pitting on the barrel consistent with age and period construction.  Overall very good condition for age and use.

    Only 2,000 Model 1814 flintlock rifles were manufactured by Henry Deringer’s shop in Philadelphia before production transitioned over to the very similar Model 1819 “Common Rifle.” These rifles are among the earliest standardized U.S. military rifles and follow the Model 1803.

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