Revolutionary War Brown Bess Flintlock Musket – Tower Short Land Pattern Brown Bess with Bayonet

Original Revolutionary War Brown Bess Long Gun | 18th century English Brown Bess flintlock musket | Stamped WB with the British crown | ca 1710 – 1760 | .75 Cal. | Dimensions: 46 inch barrel, 62.5 in overall length | This is an authentic Revolutionary War Brown Bess, and is NOT a replica.

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  • Original Revolutionary War Brown Bess Long Gun | Authentic 18th Century English Tower Short Land Pattern (2nd Model) Brown Bess flintlock musket | Engraved with “Tower” and the British crown with “GR” on lock plate | Has Iron furniture and brass fittings including: ramrod pipes, forestock cap, trigger guard, butt plate, escutcheon plate and left side plate | Walnut Stock | ca 1769 | .75 Cal. | Dimensions: Approx. 41.5 inch barrel, 57.5 inches overall length | Musket weighs 9 pounds without bayonet | Fitted with triangular cross section bayonet (blade measures 15 inches, entire length is 19 inches). Walnut stock has minor and scratches but very good for age | Bayonet is in great condition, leather scabbard has a few holes but intact | Overall, a fine collector piece | This is an authentic 18th Century Brown Bess and is NOT a replica | Provenance:  From a long time and well known Boston, Mass. Private Collection.

    The Brown Bess was one of the most common and effective muskets of the American Revolution. Used by both the American and British and could be loaded with a single shot or grape shot (multiple balls). The weapon had a short range and was inaccurate (as most muskets were).  The British used this musket throughout the American Revolution, The War of 1812 and the Napoleonic Wars.

    This Brown Bess is the Short Land Pattern.  First produced for the British Infantry in 1769, the second model or Short Land Pattern Brown Bess was the result of the slow evolution of the first model of 1728. Consequently, the final version of the 1st model in 1756 was quite similar to the 2nd model except the barrel’s taper is less pronounced and the length was reduced to 42 inches.

    The Short Land Brown Bess saw extensive use throughout the American Revolution and continued its dominance in the British Army until the 1790s when it gave way to the 3rd Model or India Pattern Brown Bess. That said a number of this black powder muzzleloader continued to be used by some regiments until the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Through captured stores, the American Continental forces as well had a number of this weapon.

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    Brown Bess Short Land Pattern Flintlock Musket