Rufino Tamayo Mixograph Entitled Perfil

Rare Original Mixograph by Rufino Tamayo Entitled “Perfil”


Rufino Tamayo original “Perfil” Mixograph in colors | created in 1977 on handmade paper | hand signed in lower right by artist | numbered 59/100 in lower center | Painting is beautifully matted and framed. | Dimensions: 28.25 x 36.5 |

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  • Incredible Rufino Tamayo original “Perfil” Mixograph in colors | Created in 1977 on handmade paper | Hand signed by artist Rufino Tamayo in the lower right | Extremely Limited Edition – Numbered 59/100 in lower center | Painting retains gallery and framing information to backing (notes archival framing)| Painting is beautifully matted and framed under glass and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity | Dimensions: 28.25 x 36.5 | These series of mixographs by artist Rufino Tamayo are unprecedented in size, quality, and depth and have rarely been offered in this size at auction. Tamayo’s works frequently headline major Latin American Art auctions. This extensive collection of mixographs serves almost as a retrospective of his artistic career, spanning nearly 40 years of work and demonstrating his skillful abstraction of the form through various graphic mediums.

    Rufino Tamayo’s legacy in the history of art lies in his oeuvre of original graphic prints in which he cultivated every technique. Rufino Tamayo’s graphic work, produced between 1925 and 1991, includes woodcuts, lithographs, etchings and “Mixografia” prints. With the help of Mexican painter and engineer Luis Remba, Tamayo expanded the technical and aesthetic possibilities of the graphic arts by developing a new medium which they named Mixografia. This technique is a unique fine art printing process that allows for the production of prints with three-dimensional texture. It not only registered the texture and volume of Rufino Tamayo’s design but also granted the artist freedom to use any combination of solid materials in its creation.

    The Perfil series mixographs have sold between $1400 (Leland Little Auction & Estate Sales, U.S.) to above $8,000 (Louis C. Morton, Mexico), with the average price usually approximately $5,000 (Christie’s New York).  In fact, #46/100 of the Perfil mixograph was sold by Bonhams in San Francisco for $3,800, and #55/100 of the Perfil mixograph series was sold by Bonhams for $3,500. Tamayo mixographs (and specifically the Perfil series) are on display at some of the largest galleries and museums in the world, and have been sold at many of the most reputable auction houses, including Christie’s New York (Perfil Con Sombrero, $5,250),   Louis C. Morton, Mexico (Personaje de perfil, $6,440), Swann Galleries, New York (Personaje de Perfil, $3950).  Note: The pricing information provided does not include premiums or fees, and was provided by  While Worthington drew the pricing information herein from the databases, Worthington has not independently verified any prices so cited herein, and the prospective buyer is encouraged to make their own independent investigation.

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