Rare Springfield Model 1807 Flintlock Musket
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  • Model 1807 U.S. Flintlock Carbine, a.k.a. “Indian Carbine.” Made by Springfield Armory beginning in 1807; total quantity 1,202. .54 caliber smoothbore. Single shot muzzleloader. 33-3/4″ round barrel. Brass mountings. Metal parts finished bright. Wooden ramrod with trumpet shaped tip (specimens observed with iron ball puller devices attached to lower end and trumpet tip reinforced with horn tip). Iron flashpan forged integral with lockplate, rounded on bottom with flat face on outer edge and has 1/4″ high fence. Hammer of earliest Springfield type with curl at top of spur; frizzen has straight toe without curl; spear blade shaped tip on frizzen spring. Full walnut stock to about 1/8″ from muzzle; pin fastened; uncapped, but specimens observed with reinforcements at tip probably added later to prevent wood splitting. Lock markings: US/(eagle motif)/SPRINGFIELD, between hammer and frizzen spring. Behind the hammer, the date “1812” | On the breech of barrel: P/(eagle head)/V and US.

    Of dual importance as the first official U.S. arsenal-made carbine and the only gun made in a national armory, under order of the Indian Dept., as gifts for friendly Indians. The “Model” gun only was made in 1807; first complete carbines were 1809, although parts/locks, etc. were being mfd. doe 10 or more years, possibly accounting for the “1812” dated specimens. Dates often mismatched on barrel and lock by a few years due to earlier parts mfr. Specimens in original flintlock are extreme rarities; less than a handful of genuine Model 1807 are known.

    According to Flayderman’s guide: Values: Good $12,000; Fine $37,500 (Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values – by Norm Flayderman).

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    Extremely Rare Springfield Model 1807 Flintlock Musket