Additional information
  • 1745—Netherland East Indies—1 Duit Coin
    KM# 70—3.6190 grams—Copper—21 mm
    OBVERSE: Crowned Holland Coat of Arms
    REVERSE: VOC monogram with date below and a Rosette mint mark above indicating the Dordrecht city

    Although intended for use throughout the Dutch Indonesian area of the Pacific, coins
    such as this one were minted in several places especially in the city of Dordrecht, which is located
    in the western Netherlands in the province of South Holland. It is the fourth largest city in the province and
    Dordrecht is the oldest city in Holland and has a rich history and culture.
    From 1602-1799, the Netherlands East Indies were ruled by the United East India Company.

  • Date

    18th Century




    S (up to 14 in.)