Ancient Roman Coin – Emperor Licinius I 308 – 324 AD
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  • Licinius I (308-324 AD) Reverse reads: IOVI CONSERVATORI [Jupiter, The Preserver] Jupiter standing left, naked but for chlamys across left shoulder, holding Victory on globe and sceptre, eagle at foot left with wreath in its beak, captive at foot right.

    Licinius I (/lɪˈsɪniəs/; Latin: Gaius Valerius Licinianus Licinius Augustus;[c. 263 – 325) was a Roman emperor (Augustus of the West) from 308 to 324. For most of his reign he was a colleague and rival of Constantine I, with whom he co-authored the Edict of Milan (AD 313) that granted official toleration to Christians in the Roman Empire. He was finally defeated at the Battle of Chrysopolis (AD 324), and was later executed on the orders of Constantine I in 325 A.D.

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