Signed Civil War Historical Novel Entitled The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara

Important Signed Civil War Book Entitled “The Last Full Measure” by Jeff Shaara – Signed First Edition First Printing


Signed Original Hardcover Book Entitled “The Last Full Measure” by civil war author Jeff Shaara | Ballantine Books, New York 1998 | Signed First Edition First Printing | In Fine Condition | Includes unclipped dust-jacket in excellent condition | Flat SIGNED by author on title page, otherwise interior clean, tight, bright, pristine & unread

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  • Signed Original Hardcover Book Entitled “The Last Full Measure” by civil war author Jeff Shaara | Ballantine Books, New York 1998 | Signed First Edition First Printing | In Fine Condition | Includes unclipped dust-jacket in excellent condition | Flat SIGNED & dated by the  author on the title page, otherwise interior clean, tight, bright, pristine & unread | True First Edition, First Printing – June 1998 | 549 pp. plus Afterword | Size: 8vo – over 9.75″ H x 8″ W.

    Author: Jeff Shaara
    ISBN: 10:0345404912; 13:9780345404916
    Binding: Hardcover with unclipped Dust Jacket
    Book Condition: Fine
    Publication Date: June 1998
    Topic: Third Year of Civil War
    Publisher: Ballantine Books, New York 1998
    Edition: First Edition, First Printing

    About the Book:

    The Last Full Measure is a historical novel that is the sequel to The Killer Angels and Gods and Generals. Together, the three novels complete an American Civil War trilogy relating events from 1858 to 1865.

    The Last Full Measure (and Gods and Generals, 1996) was written by Jeffrey Shaara after his father, Michael Shaara, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Killer Angels died in 1988. Employing the same style as the previous two books in the series, The Last Full Measure takes the reader inside the minds of several of the most important officers of the Union and Confederate Armies as they regroup after Gettysburg and march on into the final two years of the war. Returning from the previous novels are General Robert E. Lee and the newly promoted Brigadier General Joshua Chamberlain. The new addition to this volume is Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant, who is given control of all Northern troops after a series of poor commanders have failed to ensure victory.

    From the Overland Campaign to the Siege of Petersburg, from Chamberlain’s home in Maine to Appomattox Court House, Shaara gives a detailed account of honorable men whose heroism, egotism, and occasional outright incompetence changed the course of United States history.

    The novel’s title comes from a line in the Gettysburg Address: “It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.”

    In following suit of the novels The Killer Angels and Gods and Generals, The Last Full Measure was also planned to be made into a feature film by media mogul Ted Turner. However, Gods and Generals did so poorly at the box office that the project was soon abandoned due to lack of interest and funding.


    In the Pulitzer prize–winning classic The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara created the finest Civil War novel of our time. In the bestselling Gods and Generals, Shaara’s son, Jeff, brilliantly sustained his father’s vision, telling the epic story of the events culminating in the Battle of Gettysburg. Now, Jeff Shaara brings this legendary father-son trilogy to its stunning conclusion in a novel that brings to life the final two years of the Civil War.

    As The Last Full Measure opens, Gettysburg is past and the war advances to its third brutal year. On the Union side, the gulf between the politicians in Washington and the generals in the field yawns ever wider. Never has the cumbersome Union Army so desperately needed a decisive, hard-nosed leader. It is at this critical moment that Lincoln places Ulysses S. Grant in command—and turns the tide of war.

    For Robert E. Lee, Gettysburg was an unspeakable disaster—compounded by the shattering loss of the fiery Stonewall Jackson two months before. Lee knows better than anyone that the South cannot survive a war of attrition. But with the total devotion of his generals—Longstreet, Hill, Stuart—and his unswerving faith in God, Lee is determined to fight to the bitter end.

    Here too is Joshua Chamberlain, the college professor who emerged as the Union hero of Gettysburg—and who will rise to become one of the greatest figures of the Civil War.

    Battle by staggering battle, Shaara dramatizes the escalating confrontation between Lee and Grant—complicated, heroic, deeply troubled men. From the costly Battle of the Wilderness to the agonizing siege of Petersburg to Lee’s epoch-making surrender at Appomattox, Shaara portrays the riveting conclusion of the Civil War through the minds and hearts of the individuals who gave their last full measure.

    Full of human passion and the spellbinding truth of history, The Last Full Measure is the fitting capstone to a magnificent literary trilogy.


    Author Jeff Shaara rounds out the Civil War trilogy started by his late father Michael Shaara, whose book The Killer Angels describes the Battle of Gettysburg. Just as Jeff Shaara’s Gods and Generals covers action prior to Gettysburg, The Last Full Measure picks up with Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s retreat from Pennsylvania and continues through the end of the war. Shaara focuses on the characters of Lee and Union commander Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, both of whom play prominent roles in the earlier books. He also introduces a new one: Ulysses S. Grant, the Union general who would finally defeat the South–something no soldier before him could manage. The Last Full Measure is often exciting and poignant, and fans of The Killer Angels and Gods and Generals won’t be disappointed. –John Miller

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