19th Century Color Engraving by Edward Scriven

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  • Color engraving by important and sought after English engraver Edward Scriven.  Engraving hand printed on January 1820, and is entitled “The King” depicting King George IV of England and the sons of his peers on July 19th, 1821.  Card on back reads ‘antique color engraving handprinted January 1820 commemorating the crowing of King George 4th of England.” Housed in a gilt wood frame with single red velveteen matte. Edward Scriven (Alcester 1775 – 23 August 1841 London) was an English engraver of portraits, in the stipple and chalk manner. Scriven was the pre-eminent engraver of his generation, with 206 portraits ascribed to him by the National Portrait Gallery.

    This Engraving was made during the time Scriven was the King’s official engraver.   The only other known copies of this engraving are owned and displayed at the Museum of London – London and the Guildhall Library & Art Gallery – London  Other Scriven engravings are displayed at numerous prominent museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

    Scriven was for eight years a pupil of Northall (Northaw), Hertfordshire engraver Robert Thew. When Thew died in 1802, Scriven replaced him as Historical Engraver to the Prince of Wales. On the Prince of Wales’ succession to the throne in 1820 as George IV , Scriven was appointed Historical Engraver to the King.  

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