Large Original Sculpture by Willem Degroot

Willem Degroot Sculpture depicting woman carrying small child and having another child at her feet holding a doll | Signed by artist Degroot on base of Statue | Dimensions: Height: 47 in (4 feet); Weight: 40 lbs | Excellent Condition.

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  • Amazing Original Recycled Art Sculpture by listed sculptor Willem Degroot (Holland/American) | Entitled Mother and Children | Untique Statue depicting woman carrying small child and having another child at her feet holding a doll | Signed by artist Degroot on base of Statue | Dimensions: Large – Height: 47 in (4 feet); Weight: 40 lbs | Excellent Condition.

    About the Artist:

    (By the Artist)  I am a sculptor.  “Found Objects” is the medium I like to work in. This happenstance method of acquiring materials makes for interesting and ecklectic art.The hunt for possible treasures found in salvage yards, thrift stores and everywhere else in my surroundings gives me a great variety to choose from.. To come upon “the object” ignites a spark that sets me on a most exciting journey. Often times these objects have a mind of their own they seem to create themselves I just comply and assemble them to completion.Sometimes this process can take many years, or it can be a rapid sequence of lucky co-incidences.

    Salvadore Dali, Maggariet and Marcel Du Champ’s works have influenced my direction in art. Their execution of surreal, dreamlike images speak of a realm beyond the ordinary. my exposure to these three artists led me to see my surroundings in a totally different way. Everything took on the possibility to be something more than meets the eye.To find an object and see it’s potential than transform it to a piece of art is very exciting for me.What a wonderful world to wander into.

    For me the numerous parts that make up the sculpture must retain their own identity, yet support the character of the piece. Maintaining this identity allows for the public to recognize and remember the various familiar objects, thus creating a connection with the sculpture. Using humor and whimsy reawakens the child within making this a happy memorable moment.

    Obtaining discarded materials and giving them a new life gives me great satisfaction. This industrial and urban refuse is embedded with history of a bygone era, they are archaeological artifacts.To preserve this history in a work of art for public viewing is a very rewarding experience for me.

    (By Willem De Groot) I was born in Holland shortly after world war II and lived there until my eight year, at which time my parents decided to move to America. We got on a huge ocean liner called the New Amsterdam and after nine days at sea we sailed past the Statue of Liberty and landed on the American shore.We settled in a small farming town in eastern Canada. Living and working on the family farm gave me many opportunities to collect stuff and make interesting art pieces. At eighteen I entered a Franciscan monastery, there I acquired my carpentry skills and was given training in baking I was introduced to chocolate and how to work it, this discovery opened up a whole new world for me and I had many opportunities to practice this art. In 1968 I attended George Brown College in Toronto.took chefs training in the art of classic french cooking based on the Cordon Bleu method. Shortly there after I studied at the New School of Art in Torontoand, then transferred to the School of Fine Art in Banff Alberta, taking photography.

    In 1985 the California Museum of Ancient Art hired me to photograph artifacts at the British Museum, the Louvre, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the National Museum in Tel Aviv. These photos were later used in the lecture series “Wonders of Ancient Civilization”

    On August 1993 I had my first one man show titled “Imaginary Landscapes” at the Cafe Mekka in Nevada City.

    In the summer of 1996 I entered an outdoor juried sculpture installation at Sierra Collage in Grass Valley, received second place for the piece”Between Father Sky and Mother Earth”

    In October 1999 my sculptures, along with works by Kurt Steigerwere partof a two man show exhibited at Center for The Arts in Grass Valley California.

    In 2007 was part of a group exhibition at the Ridley GallerySierra Collage in Rocklin California placed first for best sculpture

    In September 2009 Sacramento Public Arts commissioned four sculptures for a permanent installation at Shasta Park Sacramento.

    Right now I am in the process of finishing sculptures that have been in progress for a long time, this will be a culmination of many years collecting, and I am looking forward to showing these pieces to the public.


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    Willem Degroot


    20th Century