Chimu Blackware Female Fertility Figurine

Pre-Columbian Chimu Blackware Female Fertility Figurine, Peru, Circa. 200 – 800 A.D.


Pre-Columbian Blackware Spouted Pottery, Peru, Chimu culture, ca. 200 to 800 AD | A very nice blackware pottery jar molded in two sections: Front section has a male figure with detail; the back section has a bulbous shape with a spout on top | Has a rounded stirrup handle between the front male figure section and the back section with the spout.

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  • Pre-Columbian Blackware Female Fertility Figurine, Peru, Chimu culture, Moche Valley, Circa. 200 to 800 AD | Great example of a Chimu blackware female figurine with fine detail |  The Fertility Figurine has a headdress with hands holding what appears to be a jar.

    The early Moche tradition had the greatest artistic influence on Chimú. Moche elements in Chimú pottery include small modeled figures (such as this example) and marine elements (such as crabs and Spondylus shells. The interplay between the memories of Moche iconography and the fertility of the Chimú style was an immensely creative one. With the destruction of the Chimor kingdom at the hands of the Incas in A.D. 1470, the Chimú style declined.

    Dimensions Approx:  Height: 6.75 inches.

    Condition:   Very Nice Relief, Small area at top of headdress chipped off, but in very good condition overall.

    Provenance: Provenance: Ex-Nikotovich collection acquired before 1980

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    Peru, South America




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