Worthington connects buyers and sellers of great works of art outside of the gallery and auction room. Through private sales and sponsored selling exhibitions, Worthington is able to locate specified art works for its clients, as well as locate private buyers for our client’s art.


How Can I Find Out What Is Currently for Sale?

  • Worthington is able to source items specifically for you, based upon your detailed specifications and requirements. Our services can be representative or highly confidential.
  • Selling exhibitions are held regularly by Worthington and its affiliated art galleries.

Who Can I Contact for Help in Acquiring an Object or Work Of Art?

Contact a Worthington specialist most relevant for the item(s) you wish to acquire.  Worthington is one of very few galleries that provide bespoke services in numerous types and genres of art.  Our professionals will locate specific pieces of art, research and verify the items authentication and provenance, and negotiate the best possible price within our client’s parameters.

How Will You Find the Object or Work I Am Looking to Acquire?

In addition to Worthington’s access to all major art collection data bases, we maintain very close relationships with important galleries, museums, collectors and collections, providing our client’s with unparalleled access to procure exceptional objects and works of art.

Can I keep My Identity Confidential?

Worthington never discloses the identity of a buyer unless it is the express wish of the client to publicize their identity.  While Worthington releases auction prices to the public, all aspects of a private sale are kept in the strictest confidence.

Can I Buy Works Directly from A Selling Exhibition?

Each selling exhibition has a Worthington specialist who can provide pricing and confirm the availability of art works.  You will also be able to access details of each exhibit and each piece of art on the selling exhibition web pages.

How Quickly Could You Identify Property That Closely Matches My Specifications?

We will do our utmost to quickly locate the item or items that best meet your needs, but depending on the rarity and uniqueness of the object, the timing may vary. Our specialists will continue to identify possible private sale opportunities until your requirements have been met.


How Can I Find Out What My Property Is Worth?

We will gladly evaluate the work you are considering selling privately. For general enquiries about the value of your property, please complete an estimate request form according to the directions provided, which includes submitting clear color photographs and images of details such as signatures, maker’s marks and areas of damage. For other inquiries specific to private (non-auction) sales, email us at privatesales@worthigntongalleries.com

What Will Worthington Sell Privately?

Worthington offers private sales in all categories in which we also sell directly or conduct auctions. These include Impressionist & modern art, old master paintings, contemporary art, antiquities, ethnographic art, sculptures, jewelry, watches and much more.

How Do You Determine Whether a Private Sale or Auction is The Most Suitable Method For Selling My Property?

After our specialists examine and appraise your property, they will assess the best method for offering your work for sale and achieving our client’s goals. Our specialists will work with you to develop a personalized sale strategy that will be the most beneficial for your specific needs based on all available sales options. All private sale inquiries are treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

How Will You Find a Buyer for My Property?

When you engage Worthington to represent you in a private sale, we outline our exclusive right to offer the work for a specified period of time.  Worthington will then begin to discreetly offer your property to both individual and institutional potential purchasers, while keeping you informed of our progress.

How Long Will It Take to Sell My Property?

We will do our utmost to quickly find a buyer for your property, but the timing may vary depending on your requirements and market demand for your object.

Who Can I Contact About a Potential Sale of My Property?

Contact a Worthington specialist most relevant for your item(s) of art.   If you have a general inquiry about selling art privately, email us at privatesales@worthington.com.