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Don Orlea is a highly sought after popular American artist.  Orlea is well known and revered for his stunning paintings and illustrations pairing his remarkable and distinctive artistic expression with a color palate even Leroy Neiman would envy. 

How To Keep Your Artwork in Excellent Condition

While many art collectors spend time and money researching a new painting they want to acquire, few use the same effort in protecting & preserving an artwork's condition once purchased.  To the contrary, most art collectors fail to address art conservation until an artwork is in poor condition needing extensive restoration.  Proper care for art can keep the object as beautiful as the day it was purchased.  The following is a brief introduction on how to care for your precious artwork, no matter what medium in which it was created.

Emergency Art & Collectibles Restoration Services

Many Emergency Restoration Service companies do not possess the knowledge and expertise to restore fine works of art. If your ERS company does not have personnel who are highly trained and experienced in repairing and restoring art and collectibles, you should insist that they retain a professional art restoration / conservation company to provide such services.

Removal & Restoration of Art with Mold

How to conserve and restore delicate materials such as leather or vellum books, paper books, documents, archival records, art works and textiles after water damage once they have mold without damaging the object. Most of the commonly used mold treatments such as regular heat sterilization, methyl bromide, ethylene oxide and ozone bleaching can damage or destroy the delicate structure of a leather or vellum books, paper books, documents, archival records, art works or textile being treated while they are killing the mold or bacteria. This risk to the materials, not to mention damage to the environment, are now of critical importance. The solution is a two step process: vacuum freeze drying and plasma fumigation.

Scientific Examination of Art: Modern Techniques

An overview of what the art conservation field is about, in all its variety and complexity. It provides: 1) Broad reviews of progress in at least some of the major areas of work; 2) Accounts of significant progress in more specific topics on conservation, providing some realistic perspectives on what has been achieved and what has not been achieved in research, particularly that of the past few years.

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