Award Winning Estate Sale Services

Worthington Galleries is a full-service solution for estate sale, auction and liquidation. We provide turnkey seamless professional services of the caliber unmatched by the traditional estate sales companies.

We offer numerous solutions catered to each client’s time table and circumstances:

In-Home Estate Sales

Worthington Galleries will professionally and carefully plan, inventory, catalogue, price, market and advertise all items in your in-home estate sale.  This option can be conducted in a number of ways, including traditional tag sales, auctions, and a combination of the two.

Live & Online Estate Auction

With this option, Worthington performs the same services as in the traditional in-home sale, but conducts a live auction of a client’s items at one of its galleries.  With this option, a client’s items are marketed and auctioned to a large global audience simultaneously through a live auction and through several online internet bidding platforms.  With this option, your items are seen by thousands of eager buyers, ensuring each item demands the highest prices.

 Multi-Estate Gallery Sale

This option is perfect for the client who lives in a gated community, high-rise building, has HOA restrictions, desires privacy, or doesn’t have enough volume for their on in-home sale.  Worthington will conduct a live tag and/or auction sale at one of its prime gallery locations that combines items from several estates.

 Out-Right Purchase

​Many clients would prefer to avoid a traditional estate sale and have Worthington expedite the process by purchasing all of the estate’s items.  With this option, Worthington can quickly and efficiently inventory and appraise all estate items, immediately delivering one payment for all items, and transporting the entirety of an estate’s items from a client’s home or other property.  This option is perfect for situations requiring a more accelerated approach.


If your interested in having Worthington conduct an estate sale, please complete the Estate Sales Form:  ESTATE SALES FORM


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