Consignment Information

  • If International, please provide the complete phone number with country code in the General Description below.
  • Please select the category that best describes your item(s).
  • Please describe the item(s) to be consigned.
  • Please provide at least two clear color photographs of your item. Include front and back views, any signatures, maker’s marks or areas of damage.
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  • Optional Information

    While the following is not required in this form, providing as much information as possible will significantly accelerate the consignment process.
  • Please provide the name of the artist, author or creator if known.
  • Please provide the artwork's dimensions in inches including its height, Width, and Depth. E.g. 32" H x 24" W x 2" D
  • For example, is the painting medium oil, gouache, etc.? Is the painting on canvas, board or wood?
  • On any part of item (Front or Back, etc.)
  • Date of art's creation, if known
  • For example, does the painting have any hole, tears, etc. or does the sculpture have any chips or cracks?
  • The Provenance - artwork's ownership prior to your ownership.
  • If yes, please include names, dates & locations.
  • Check the box below to be notified about Worthington's upcoming events (auctions, estate sales, art classes, special sales, member & public events, etc.).