Arranging for the Sale or Other Disposition of Artwork and Art Collections

Whether you are a collector, artist, heir, or institution, and whether you prefer to sell one piece of art or an entire collection, Worthington can assist you.  Worthington has a very successful Sales and Consignment Program designed with one goal in mind, to maximize an owner’s return for their art.   Worthington has a 5-pronged approach to selling its client’s art.   Any or all of the following channels are used to ensure a successful sale:

  • Private Sale
  • Auction Sale
  • Retail Sale
  • Internet Sale
  • Estate Sale

There are 5 types of companies that help sell an owner’s art – art galleries, auction houses, art brokers, and online only art listing companies, and estate sales companies.  Unfortunately, each of these companies use only one of the above listed sale’s channels.  Art galleries sell consigned artwork by displaying the art in their retail art gallery.   Auction galleries sell consigned art at auction.  Art brokers are essentially freelance sales persons that link buyers with sellers.  Online listing companies provide self service web-based platforms for owners to list their artwork for sale. Estate Sales companies conduct tagged sales on an owner’s property.

However, unlike the vast majority of these art related companies, Worthington Galleries owns, operates and utilizes all 5 of these sales channels.  Worthington realized long ago that these sales channels are not mutually exclusive, and can be used in strategic combination to accomplish a client’s goals.   This full service approach provides important advantages to our clients.  First and foremost, our sales and consignment program is absolutely full service.  All of the following is included in our program:

  • Art Identification – research, attribution, history, etc.
  • Preparing art to be listed for sale
  • Professional Photography of Art
  • Extensive Cataloguing – preparing accurate descriptions, estimate range, pricing model, etc.
  • Displaying and Posting of art to facilitate one or more of the 4 sales channels
  • Conducting Sale – whether by auction, online platform, private sale or otherwise, Worthington takes care of everything
  • Collection – no matter the method of sale, Buyers can use any payment form (credit cards, cash, wire, certified funds, paypal, and more)
  • Sales or other taxes – we collect and file any tax legally due
  • Packaging, Shipping, Delivery – we package, deliver, insure and ship the purchased art
  • Distribution of Funds – we pay owners quickly and by multiple methods
  • Followup – we handle any issues that might arise thereafter such as damaged items, buyer questions, etc.
  • Last of all, we don’t get paid till you get paid. Worthington only charges a one time success fee equal to a percentage of the sales price

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