Fall Fine Art & Collectibles Auction

Worthington Galleries' Fall Fine Art & Collectibles Auction is scheduled for September 14, 2019, to begin at 10:30am.   The auction will be simulcast on most major auction platforms including Invaluable, Liveauctioneers, and Auctionzip. 

The Truth Behind Art Nomenclature

Because of the large auction houses (e.g. Sotheby's, etc.), the art world has largely accepted certain relatively new words to how artwork (and its authenticity) is described to potential bidders / buyers.  The use of the term "attributed to," "Circle of," "Follower of," "Manner of," and so forth are now used systematically by auction houses. 

Estate Sale Etiquette

Successful estate sales and estate auctions depend in part on the behavior of the prospective buyers. Most people innately know many of the dos and don'ts of attending an estate sale. Generally, one should respect others in an estate sale line, and treat them as you would expect to be treated. Hold your place in line with your presence and do not cut in line. Do not rush the door when the estate sale opens. Do not block others from entering the estate sale. Everyone has just as much right to attend, whether they are making a living at it or just enjoying a day out. If someone picks an item up at the sale, do not try to grab it or contest their right to purchase it. If something is marked sold do not remove the sticker. Do not hoard items at an estate sale, especially when you do not intend to buy.

Huge End-of-Summer Multi-Estate Sale

Worthington's End-of-Summer Estate Sale includes items from 5 prominent estates in the middle Tennessee area, and has over 1500 items at remarkable liquidation prices. 

Worthington has a very successful Sales and Consignment Program designed with one goal in mind, to maximize an owner's return for their art. 

Award Winning Estate Sale Services Worthington Galleries is a full-service solution for estate sale, auction and liquidation. We provide turnkey seamless professional services of the caliber unmatched by the traditional